Artwave opens

3 thoughts on “Artwave opens”

  1. Had a very nice ride out to the barn on my motorcycle and found quite a trendy venue full of art, craft and cafe smells. I managed to forget my cheque book and wad of cash so I was there as a viewer. It made me realise that I would definitely like to buy the fan from you Sharon – so if its still unsold when the Art Wave subsides – please nudge me. Thank heavens you were not positioned within the art of foraging! Loved Sylvie Howitt’s paper cuts. Very sweet egg cups from Marion Brandis – I could easily have bought the fish dish. Really good visit – loved the views and I do hope the new pieces are going well Sharon. Patrick X

    1. Thank you Patrick. I’m so glad you enjoyed your Swanborough outing. I’m heading down there on Sunday with another cake tucked under my arm. No news of any sales yet, so looks like the little fan may well be yours. If not, I’ll just have to build a steamer and make you another one. The new pieces have forced me to set up my home workbench- what a joy – and progress is being made. Photographic evidence to follow…

  2. very pleased that you are documenting your work space – something we should all do as I am for ever improvising places to make things in.
    Maybe b&w and colour images?
    I’m so torn now between asking you to make another fan so you have to make a steamer – and the beautiful fan already made!!!!
    Can you get other shaped extruded tubes in silver? Square for example? and smaller than 1mm? The latest work is a real confirmation that you have found yourself. Patrick X


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