2 thoughts on “New work”

  1. I popped into see the new work and was surprised to see how big the spalted birch?, pieces are. Could we be seeing floor to ceiling tools soon?
    I love the silver tube detail and trailing thread. I need to think why though, as they remind me of indoors/outdoors implements. The twigs have a tremendous presence – not helped by the cabinet – and are definitely a very good development. I have the feeling that these will go much further and will begin to take a different direction to the tool idea – do you feel you may have two strands emerging from this exhibition of new work Sharon?
    Your work held my attention, Sarah’s work looked quite at home in the cabinet (especially featuring my child’s stool) but missed the point of it.
    Mint was an interesting place with a muddled philosophy.

  2. Thank you for taking time to visit the show Patrick – a lot to take in a small space.
    I was surprised to find my work inside a cabinet – we (Mint and I) discussed scale and hanging before these pieces were made – hence the threads – but it’s maybe another stage of abstraction: less tool, more twig?
    To my mind the work is still very much “tools”, and I’m itching to do a series of brushes. There certainly seems to be more to come…


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