Bound Drawings

2D drawing as 3D object

10cm x 2.5cm x 3cm (including wire)

Each length of 5cm wide paper has a linear drawing in one of a range of natural materials. The drawing is 5’10” long, concertina folded and bound with steel wire.

The wire tie creates an in-built hanger, but the drawing may also stand on a surface – probably at a jaunty angle.

These have been resting in my studio, so the wire may show small signs of rust. This process also a response to my landscape. 


These drawings mark the beginning of a new phase of work exploring embodied connection and identity in relation to my place in this landscape.

The materials used resonate with the local: juice has been extracted from grass grown for cattle; local peat (turf) made into charcoal; red oxide paint is the traditional protector of farm buildings; mud from the treads of walking boots; wool from local sheep.

They are an exploration of mark making, materials and identity and a commitment to ongoing practice.


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